D. S. Dorland Limited is proud to announce we have crossed a milestone celebrating forty years of excellence...

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Forty years in business! Experienced Professional Licensed Surveying Services
Meeting Specialized Requirements - Delivering Custom Projects

D. S. Dorland Limited was established in 1977 and continues to operate as one of the leading progressive and expanding growth oriented, legal, control and engineering survey practices in Northern Ontario. We have successfully undertaken and completed over 16,000 survey projects.

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Our team consists of experienced and licensed personnel including accredited Ontario Land Surveyors all who are equipped to provide a wide range of services for projects throughout the Northern Ontario region.

Our Technical staff has many years of service and extensive practical experience in the field.
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Procedures and skills are kept current through the regular investigation and integration of new technologies and methodologies.

This experience combined with modern techniques and equipment ensures clients the measurement, definition, marking and confirmation of Legal Boundaries for their properties.

D. S. Dorland Limited can provide Geomatic services...Geomatics and Geospatial Technology
Determining Accurate Spatially Referenced Data on any Scale

Geomatics or Geospatial Technology is the discipline of gathering, processing and delivering accurate spatially referenced data. Land surveying is only one aspect of this field. Utilizing specialized tools and techniques, Geomatics Professionals use terrestrial, marine, airborne and satellite-based sensors to acquire and analyze critical spatial data.

This accurately measured spatial information has applications in large and small scale land surveying, assessment and management, planning, construction, development of urban and industrial infrastructure, natural resources, manufacturing and in the maintenance of a wide range of equipment and facilities.

We can provide Geomatics services for a wide variety of land survey, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, maintenance and
general assessment purposes. Our mobile technology allows us to provide services on-site, wherever needed for any custom application or project requirement.

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