Surveying Project
A Broad Range of Successful Projects

Since 1977 we have completed thousands of professional surveys, constituting a broad range of projects in scope and size.

Extensive experience with Legal and Development Surveys for private landowners, commercial/industrial developments, mining resources, roadways and First Nations bands has made us the surveying company of choice in Northern Ontario.

A brief description of survey types and major completed projects are listed below.

Legal and Development Surveys

These surveys are carried under the Land Titles, Surveys, Registry and Surveyors Acts for the determination of property boundaries, both existing and newly created and the preparation of plans to be registered in the Land Registry Office based on research, field surveys and cadastral law.

These types of surveys are executed for small private landowners, commercial or industrial developments, and government agencies. These can include applications for the definition of existing lot boundaries, development of new lots, subdivisions, land acquisition and zoning by-law amendment, topographic, lot grading and drainage survey plans for development planning, construction and architectural designing, site monitoring, construction layout and final as-built site plans and/or commercial Surveyor’s Real Property Reports.

Aside from survey execution, our services can also include, map and plan rendering, research of old records, plans, air photos and title searches and/or consultation and representation where clients require a professional liaison when engaging local, municipal, provincial and federal Planning Committees.

In the Construction industry, we have been involved in the layout of many diverse and complex projects.

Services we have delivered include topographical surveys for pre-engineering & design, review of architectural drawings to ensure that the building mathematically fits on the lot and meets zoning requirements.

Our field survey experience includes layout of gridlines, layout of column centerlines and anchor bolts, monitoring of adjacent structures, and setting grades. Once the building is complete, we also carry out surveys for certification of compliance with specifications.

As well we have executed large scale Mapping and Control Survey projects utilizing vertical and horizontal control aerial photography to produce detailed elevation mapping required for various types of projects.


Subdivision Surveys - Barrie Ontario

Ontario Hydro & Hydro One - Engineering Surveys & Reference Plans for land acquisition & transfer of right of ways

Burwash Industrial Farm - Township boundary retracement surveys

College Boreal - Topographical, Legal Layout Certification

Laurentian Hospital & Cancer Treatment Center - Legal Layout

Consbec - Boundary survey, design & layout of estate waterfront lots

Dominion Park - Official plan amendment, rezoning & subdivision applications, survey design & layout of 600 lot subdivision in phases

Region of Sudbury - Legal surveys to acquire lands for road widening

Region of Sudbury - Three dimensional reference plan for drainage course under an existing building

Sudbury Millennium Center - Costco & Silver City Cineplex, Sudbury, legal surveys for land acquisitions, rezoning & official plan amendments, topographic survey, layout, & final as-built plans

Sudbury Millennium Centre - Home Depot, Sudbury, legal surveys for land acquisitions, construction layout, survey & calculate aggregate volumes

Sudbury Millennium Centre Site - Pier One, Montana’s Restaurant, Sears Whole Home, Home Sense, Kelsey’s Restaurant, layout, Reference Plans for land acquisition, ROW & area certificates

Canadian Tire - Topographic surveys, layout for new construction & building additions, final as built surveys at the Chelmsford, Sudbury Lasalle, Barrydowne and Hwy 69 South locations

Tim Hortons Sudbury - Legal surveys for land acquisitions, topographic surveys for design, site monitoring and final as built plans at the Sudbury Notre Dame, Barrydowne, Lorne, Hanmer, Garson, Azilda & Lively locations

Your Independent Grocer - Legal surveys for land acquisitions, topographic surveys & final as built surveys at the Hanmer RR#80, Sudbury Paris/Regent, Elm, Lorne St, Supermall Lasalle, Chelmsford, Espanola, Lively, Kirkland Lake & Sturgeon Falls locations

Petro-Canada - Reference Plans for land acquisition and rezoning, rock volume calculations & topographic surveys at seven Sudbury locations

Ontario Hydro - Legal survey at Atikokan Generating Station

Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre - Preparation of Reference Plan to consolidate numerous parcels in one holding

West Arm Lodge Inc - Lake Nipissing, Crown Lands Plan for land acquisition & final Surveyor’s Real Property Report

YWCA Sudbury (Genevra House) - Reference Plan for land acquisition & Site Plan for building layout/construction

Public Works & Government Services Canada - Taxation Data Centre, Topographic Plan & Commercial Surveyor’s Real Property Report

Vista Sudbury Hotel Inc. - Rainbow Centre, Sudbury, planning consultant services, Rezoning Application & Reference Plans

Greater Sudbury Airport - Eng. & Topographic Survey for new construction & design

Sal-Dan Developments - Rezoning & Subdivision applications, survey design & Draft Plan Of Subdivision, layout &Plan of 150 lot subdivision

Belanger Highway Maintenance - Engineering volume determination of MTO sand/salt stock piles at various yard locations & prepare volume plans

D.B.I. - Engineering volume determination of MTO sand/salt stock piles at various yard locations & prepare volume plans

Mineral Resources Surveys

We have had extensive experience in the Mineral Resources industries working directly with the mine companies and their contractors, both above and below ground.

Mineral Resources Services include gyrotheodolite azimuth determination, automated laser tope surveys, pre-engineering surveys layout, location, construction and check surveys.

Above ground projects include preparing Applications and Site Plans for mineral extraction under The Aggregate Resources Act and consultation with the Ministry of Natural Resource’s staff on behalf of our clients.


Copper Cliff Smelter - FENCO Engineering Layout & Certification

Clarabelle Mill - Wright Engineers Engineering Layout & Certification

Creighton Deep Project - Underground 1.7km Spiral Ramp 7000-7400 level,Laser Tope, Design, Layout, 3 dimensional math model & CADD Plan

Coleman McCreedy Mine - Underground Check Surveys, Laser Tope, Layout

Crean Hill Mine - Underground Ramp Topo Survey & CADD Plan

Detour Lake Area - Mining Claim Surveys

Mining Claim Mapping Projects - Various Mining Camps in Northern Ontario

Falconbridge Nickel Rim Site Development - Layout & Check Surveys anchor bolts,main shaft head frame, winch house & layout sewage plant

River Gold Mine - Check Surveys & volume determination, Magnacon Mine, Wawa

Osprey Gold Corporation - Site Plan re-development of Jerome Mine Site, Sultan

Red Lake - MacIsaac Mining & Tunneling, Engineering Survey Layouts

Science North, Dynamic Earth Project / Big Nickel Mine Site - Mine Eng. Survey

Stillwater Mine, Montana USA - Moran Mining & Tunneling, Check Surveys

Sudbury Area Mine Projects - Stobie, South, North, Garson, Stathcona, & Fraser Mines, Mining Eng. Layouts, Check Surveys & Volume Determination

Hicks Construction Ltd. and Rainbow Concrete - Site Plans for new quarry

Hope Sand and Gravel - Site Plans to expand quarry

First Nation Projects

We have also worked extensively with First Nations Indian Reserves throughout Ontario on various projects including land claim settlements, where new reserves are created or additional lands are being added to existing reserves.


Fort Albany First Nation - Right Of Way Survey

Dokis Indian Reserve - Subdivision & Right Of Way Surveys

Fort Albany First Nation - Kashechewan Band, Right Of Way Surveys

Nipissing First Nation - Subdivision Survey

Wikwemikong First Nation - Road & Lot Surveys

Moose Factory Island First Nation - Subdivision Surveys

French River & Henvey Inlet Indian Reserves

Webequie First Nation - Land claim survey 55 square km area

Point Grondine First Nation - Land Settlement Survey, Members of the Matinenda Lake Survey Group

Attawapiskat First Nation - Community Block Outline Survey

Nibinamik First Nation - Land claim survey 931 hectares area

Sandy Point and Rocky Bay First Nation - Lands claim survey 1700 hectares area

Attawapiskat First Nation Education Authority - School Site Survey

Attawapiskat First Nation - Crown Lands Acquisition (INAC)

Whitefish Lake First Nation - Subdivision & Right Of Way Surveys

Rainy Lake First Nation - Boundary Survey

McChigeeng First Nation - West Bay, Right of Way Survey

Serpent River First Nation - Road & Lot Surveys

Fort Severn First Nation - Boundary & Right Of Way Surveys

Magnetawan First Nation - Right of Way Survey

Washgoshing First Nation - Abitibi, Boundary Survey

Henvey Inlet First Nation - Boundary & Layout Water Treatment Plant Project

Highway and Route Surveys

These surveys are undertaken to gather pre-engineering information, layout of alignment, prepare plates and profiles and DTM's of both existing and proposed transportation facilities and preparation of Description Reference Plans, Crown Lands Plans and Expropriation Plans.


North Shore Group N.C. Gas Survey - Group member

INCO - Limited right-of-way & Control Surveys

Falconbridge Ltd. - Right-of-way & profile survey

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Sudbury Southeast By-Pass

Town of Valley East - Cross Section of Whitson Lake Drive & preparation of Engineering drawings for construction

Falconbridge Route - Survey & profile of 13km future hydro pole line including road crossing cross sections

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Engineering Survey, Highway 6, Espanola for Fenco MacLaren (WP 168-90-00)

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Engineering survey, DTM, Highway 6 alignment marking for DF Elliot Engineering (Agreement 9850-7411-5307)

Ontario Northland - DTM, project control, layout for new railway spur line for Cole Sherman, Kapuskasing area

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Layout of revised limits of 11 km of Highway 11 corridor in Nipigon - Land claim settlement, NRCan and MTO

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Determine the as built alignment & prepare the required legal surveys, Highway 637, NRCan and MTO

Union Gas - Establish limits of right of way & prepare Crown Land Plans for high pressure gas line, Kapuskasing area

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Engineering survey & land acquisition, Hwy 69 South project - Cole Engineering

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Land Registry title searching & landowners list for future proposed road widening - Marshall Macklin Monaghan Ltd.

Ministry of Transportation Ontario - Engineering survey, highway 24, City of Brantford for MTO (Agreement No. 3005-A-000143, W.P. 347-97-00)

Ontario Northland - Engineering, GPS mapping & Crown Plans - Cole Engineering on behalf of Ontario Northland Opasatika Spur Line, Agrium Mine

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